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September 26th, 2005

swim_vixen @ 09:20 pm: Ce'nedra's Speech
All of my Eddings books are currently at home (crazy I know, but I would prolly fail out of school if I had them here), but I wanted to use Ce'nedra's speech she uses to rally the troops for a little project that I'm doing. However I can't find it online ... so I was wondering if anyone can tell me which book and page number(s) it can be found on so I can tell my sister and she can read it to me. Thanks in advance ^_^

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September 19th, 2005

swim_vixen @ 10:11 pm: My roomate just randomly came in and asked me "Are you ready?" and I burst out laughing. Needless to say she was clueless, not being an Eddings reader. I also tend to snicker on the inside when ever I tell anyone to "Trust me."

Does anyone else find themselves recieving odd looks because they randomly quote Eddings, and laugh when no one else does?

August 24th, 2005

rizzyr @ 03:29 pm: Quick Question:
Okay folks, I just finished reading the book Eragon earlier today and it seemed to me that there were a LOT of similarities between it and the Belgariad and Mallorean series by Eddings. So, I'm wondering if anyone else here has read the book and noticed any similarities like I have....

I'll just point out a couple of the major ones for now.
-One of the main characters (for the first half of the book at least) is an old storyteller who is much more than what he seems.
-The way they control their magic is by reaching into a corner of their mind and gathering it together before speaking the word in an ancient tongue to release it. Sound a bit like the Will and the Word to you?
-Once the magic is released, the magician/Rider/sorcerer/etc can not stop until the magic is completed.
-They (those that can use magic) can talk through thoughts.
-One of the first tasks set to one of the characters was to lift a pebble off his hand using only magic. Sound like Garion trying to move that rock at all?

I'm sure there's more, but those are the first things that I remember. Looks to me like the author is a big Eddings fan, ehh? Any thoughts on this???

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July 29th, 2005

silver_avatre @ 12:34 am: *prod*

hey people just joined I'm a big Edding's fan and I'm going to start the Elenium sometime soon and i want to get peoples opinions on it first. (just don't spoil too much of it for me k?) heh so..feel free to friend me and whatnot...it may say i just joined lj but i had another one before :D

July 2nd, 2005

elaran @ 05:53 pm: *pause* *double-take* Did that say Eddings?
Talk about a lack of publicity. The only way I found out that Crystal Gorge was the name of the third book, let alone that it was released was because I walked past the stand in Dymocks and saw 'EDDINGS' in a large font on the cover.

Disliking the series a lot so far. Definitely not his best, in fact, nowhere near it IMO. *shrugs* Of course, that's not going to stop me putting a hold on it to borrow it from my local library...

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June 13th, 2005

locharron @ 09:22 am: Interesting.
Hey folks. My roomate found a copy of Guardians of the West on Saturday with a cover that I didn't recognize. Upon turning it over, I found that it was one that was sold in U.K, Australia and New Zealand. It's a large hard cover size copy that is actually paperback. Anyway, call me naive, but I was unaware that books are published in other countries with different cover art. I mean, I thought that an author okay'd a cover and that was it. I mean, I've seen the re-published ones here in Canada with the new covers, and I've seen the original two book hardcovers of the Belgariad, but this is neat! Anyway, instead of the familiar cover of the watermark wolf with Garion, what I believe is Mandorallen, Ce'Nedra and Eriond, it's just Riva's sword with lakelands in the background.

Hmph...well if I hadn't showed myself for an Edding's geek before I have now eh? Excited over a different cover lol.

Well, just wanted to share ;-)

June 7th, 2005

locharron @ 09:41 am: Just a bit of silliness....
I read the Belgariad first in....1986?..yeah '86, and by '89 I had read it so many times that I could repeat the first page of Pawn of Prophecy verbatim. So, without looking at your books boys and girls...can you? If you can, type it out and we'll see if everyone can put their money where their mouth is. DON'T look at any other responses. This could be interesting!!!


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June 6th, 2005

locharron @ 02:24 pm: Hmph.
First of all Elaran, I just want to say that your icon, the pic of Jack O'Neil is just fabulous! I'm loving the older man! Of course, I'd have a clone or two of Daniel to be sure. My roomate and I are getting to the point that if he ever showed up in our living room we'd have to toss a coin to see who gets him, not that I'd mind losing. Richard Dean is just lovely.......

Anyway folks, I'm afraid that we're S.O.L as far as that review goes I think. I'll see if it's actually a paper copy type thing but I don't think so. I belong to ezboards, "The Silver Keep" and "Urak Forums" *shameless plug* and I had put it up there in a thread about books that we've all read in the past and what we've thought about them blah blah blah...Anyway, the ENTIRE bunch of Ezboard servers were just HACKED by a little barstard with nothing better to do with his time and it looks like it was lost. Quite a disappointment. There's a roleplay in my "Folio" that was quite good that is now gone.

Sorry to disappoint.

So here's a question, and it may seem a silly one who's an Eddings fan; but is the book The Elder Gods from the same world as Sparhawk and crew, and is just about the Styric Elder Gods? Or is this about something else completely?

Well there's my two cents for the day. I'm here posting during company time lol so I suppose I should go and do something constructive.


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June 3rd, 2005

locharron @ 01:53 pm: Hey.
Just wanted to stop in and say hello. So glad I've found this community. I've been a die hard Eddings fan since 1985 and I've read just about everything. Looking for copies of High Hunt to complete my collection though and I can't find a damned thing, and haven't had enough cash to get anything that has been put out since Redemption of Althalus. How are the newer books by the way?

Silk is god lol. ;-)

May 13th, 2005

rissalena @ 05:26 pm: So, I just finished the Elenium, and I'm about halfway through the first book of the Tamuli. I'd read the Elenium before (it was the first Eddings I ever read), but this is my first time reading the Tamuli. I'm finding that I definitely can't get into it as much as I did the Belgariad and Mallorean. I think there are two types of Eddings fans: those that love the Belgariad series, and those that love the Elenium series. I do still like the Elenium and Tamuli, I had to force myself to put the book down and go to work this morning, but not quite as much as the others. So which one are you? Belgariad/Mallorean, or Elenium/Tamuli?

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